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The Chevrolet Lumina, produced by the Chevrolet division of General Motors between 1989 and 2013, is a midsize vehicle recognized as a large car in the Middle East. The Lumina spanned five generations, aiming to consolidate Chevrolet's midsize offerings. The first two generations were primarily available in North America, with subsequent generations expanding to global markets. Initially based on the GM10 FWD chassis, the Lumina shifted to a full-size chassis in its second generation in 1994, retaining the W platform until 2016. This platform, compatible with medium and large FWD cars, was originally codenamed GM10. The Lumina saw significant suspension improvements over its lifespan, transitioning from fiberglass leaf springs to coil springs and then to MacPherson springs in 1997. The Lumina's front-wheel-drive system included drive axles connecting the differential directly to the front wheels, employing constant velocity clutches to ensure smooth force transfer. The vehicle featured the Turbo-Hydramatic 125, the first General Motors automatic transmission built for transverse engine use. Introduced in 1980 and in production until 2001, this three-speed engine was fitted with a torque converter clutch, working similarly to a manual clutch but relying on engine vacuum, temperature-sensitive valves, and a specific brake switch. Early Lumina models lacked airbags but were equipped with unfastened seat belts in the front seats, ensuring passenger ease while entering and exiting the vehicle. The Chevrolet Lumina is a testament to the evolving automobile technology and safety features across its production years.

Although the Chevrolet Lumina has a long-standing history, it is not immune to natural wear and tear, and owners need to be aware of common issues. Suspension system failure is one, characterized by clunking noises during braking or acceleration, grinding noises while turning, excessive road noise, and uneven wear on front tires and brakes. Difficulty in controlling the vehicle while turning corners can signal the need to inspect the trailing arm bushing and coil spring insulator. Another prevalent issue is the cooling system failure, leading to an overheating engine and reduced performance. Frequent coolant top-ups and visible leakage are indicators that a new coolant reservoir might be required. Beyond these, other components like trunk latch, tailgate latch, tailgate lock, and hood latch can often break. Additionally, the Lumina's emblem can fade over time, warranting regular attention and possible replacement.

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