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About Chevrolet P30

Chevrolet P30 is a light-duty stepvan truck manufactured by General Motors from 1975 to 1999. The first Chevrolet P30 was unveiled in 1975. As a light-duty stepvan truck, Chevrolet P30 can be used for commute, transporting or hauling. Though it has a not very long history, it has become a model for many automobile manufacturers in producing stepvan truck.
Chevrolet P30 may have a short lifespan, it has made difference in automobile industry. The Chevrolet P30 was powered by 5.7 L V8 gasoline engine, 6.2 L V8 diesel engine and 7.4 L V8 gasoline engine. Many designs on it are still in using by many automobile manufacturers such as the Micro Bird used the Chevrolet P30 chassis.

Chevrolet P30 Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

As Chevrolet P30 is a relative old model, some advanced technologies may have not been used on it. Thus, as the time passes by, some problems rose up. These are the most common ones:
First, electrical system problem. Some Chevrolet P30 truck owners described this problem in details. They have to jump start the Chevrolet P30 frequently, or when operating the Chevrolet P30, they could see dim or flickering lights or the battery lights came on. Same situation will occur if the alternator goes wrong. So if you meet same symptoms, you can check your alternator first.
Second, braking system problem. We all know the importance of braking system, while the Chevrolet P30 had some problems in this system. Chevrolet P30 owners complained that they can hear abnormal noise when they pressed the brake pedals. Besides, the brake fluid temperature became extremely high when they have performed barking action. And the brake system operated slowly, which is very dangerous if you need to brake emergently. In fact, you may contribute this problem to the bad hydraulic hose. What you should attach importance to is nothing in braking system is insignificant.
Third, cooling system problem. This problem may have no relations with your life safety while it is still crucial in providing comfortable driving environment. Chevrolet P30 truck owners complained that they found oil leaking under the engine as well as the leaking coolant. And the oil got into the cooling system while the coolant entered into the oil. The results are car overheats and fuses blow. Though oil cooler or engine oil cooler should be the first auto part to be checked, you should also consider checking fan shroud. It also belongs to the cooling system and is a vital component of fan motor, which will cause the above symptoms as well.
Apart from the above mention parts that would send warnings easily to car owners, some other parts are not easy to find if they have gone bad unless problems arose in the Chevrolet P30. Seat belt and wiper blade or windshield wiper needs to be replaced regularly to make sure normal operation.
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