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About Chevrolet R10

Chevrolet R10 was manufactured by General Motors. Chevrolet R10, comparing to V series, was a two-wheel drive. Comparing to R20 and R30, Chevrolet R10 was a 1/2-ton rating truck according to load capacity. Chevrolet R10 had a five lug wheel. Basically, Chevrolet R and V series vans shared the same powertrain and configuration.
Water Pump: Water pump is a device in you Chevrolet R10 that pushes coolants go through engine's block and protects engine from overheat. A failing water pump may cause engine damage.
Alternator: Alternator is used to charge the battery and to power the electrical system when its engine is running. A failing alternator can cause dimming lights or garbled radio sounds when you are driving your Chevrolet R10.
When your Chevrolet R10 needs maintain or fix, we are glad to be the first choice for you to consider. We guarantee that we deliver high-quality and low-priced brand new genuine Chevrolet R10 parts.