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  • Floor Mats
    Floor Mats
  • Roof Rack
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  • Splash Guards
    Splash Guards
  • Cargo Net
    Cargo Net
  • Trailer Wiring Harness
    Trailer Wiring Harness
  • Engine Block Heater
    Engine Block Heater
  • First Aid Kit
    First Aid Kit
  • Hitch-Mounted Bicycle and Ski Carrier
    Hitch-Mounted Bicycle and Ski Carrier
  • Locking Gas Cap
    Locking Gas Cap
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The Chevrolet Uplander, produced between 2005 and 2009, is a minivan designed and marketed by the Chevrolet division of General Motors. The Uplander, built on the U-body/GMT201 platform, offered a choice of drivetrains across different markets. In its launch year, 2005, the Uplander was powered by a 3.5 L High Value 3500 LX9 V6 engine, boasting 200 hp and 220 lb-ft of torque. A more powerful 3.9 L LZ9 V6 engine was introduced in 2006, and a flex-fuel variant of this engine became available in 2007. The Uplander's performance is enhanced by a 4-speed 4T65-E automatic transmission and front-wheel drive, achieving respectable fuel economy for its class. It is equipped with ABS, rack and pinion steering, independent suspensions, and anti-roll bars for improved handling and stability. Size-wise, the Short Wheel Base (SWB) version measures 191.0 in length, 72.0 in width, and 70.5 in height, with a total weight of 4,084 lb. The Long Wheel Base (LWB) version is longer and slightly heavier. A key feature of the Uplander is its distinctive design, borrowing styling cues from SUVs, such as a prominent front end and separate side windows, aimed at appealing to those seeking an alternative to the traditional minivan look.

The Chevrolet Uplander, particularly the 2005 to 2007 models, has encountered two significant and common technical issues: transmission slips and safety issues related to power sliding doors. The transmission slip problem is marked by the vehicle losing power while shifting gears, pausing, and then finally shifting, making the vehicle temporarily inoperable. Contributing factors include inadequate maintenance, faulty transmission control modules, worn clutches or pressure plates, and low fluid levels. Solutions encompass regular checks and refills of automatic transmission fluid, replacing worn clutches, and diagnosing and fixing faulty solenoids. Some Uplanders have also been hard to shift, a problem associated with loose transmission bands, resolvable by tightening or replacing the bands. Premature transmission failure in some vehicles has also been a concern, often linked to the control module leading to overheating, and manifested by a burning smell and dark-colored fluid, necessitating control module replacement or reprogramming. The power sliding door problem, on the other hand, includes reports of doors refusing to close or opening suddenly. Specific causes like connector corrosion leading to erratic behavior have been pinpointed, with remedies like cleaning contacts with steel wool or replacing a bad relay.Solutions for the door issues have ranged from cleaning contact pads and manually disconnecting cables to dealership repairs or shutting off the automatic switch. The variety and persistence of these issues highlight the technical complexities related to both transmission slips and power sliding door safety in the Chevrolet Uplander.

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