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Ignition Spark Plug

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We offer a full selection of genuine GM Spark Plugs, engineered specifically to restore factory performance. Please narrow the Ignition Spark Plug results by selecting the vehicle.

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About GM Spark Plug

The ignition system has many integral parts that need to work together to start your vehicle and keep it running. A GM spark plug is heralded as a seriously key component in the system because it ignites the air and fuel mixture in the combustion chamber so that your engine starts and runs. A modern GM vehicle will likely use spark plugs make with platinum, copper or iridium. Iridium plugs have a much longer service life versus its counterparts. Spark plugs which are in tip top shape will enable you to have the best gas mileage, and the smoothest acceleration while driving.
The location of your spark plugs is at the top of each engine cylinder and it will have a spark plug wire connected to it as well. Spark plug replacement is fairly simple. Locate your spark plug wire and disconnect it from the spark plug, then loosen and remove spark plug, and finally reinstall your new plug with a layer of anti-seize its threads. Spark plugs and spark plug wires work together intimately and directly affect one another. It is always a great idea to swap out your plug wires simultaneously whenever you replace your spark plugs.
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