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Genuine GMC Head Gasket

Engine Cylinder Head Gasket

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We offer a full selection of genuine GMC Head Gaskets, engineered specifically to restore factory performance. Please narrow the Engine Cylinder Head Gasket results by selecting the vehicle.

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About GMC Head Gasket

Hands down one of the most integral sealing components in your vehicle, the purpose of a GMC head gasket is to prevent coolant and oil from leaking into a cylinder, and so the cylinders can maintain maximum compression to run your engine like a top. Most of today's vehicles will use an MLS type (multi-layer steel) gasket, or one manufactured out of a copper material instead. Each head gasket will be found seated on the cylinder head between it and the engine block assembly. Leaking coolant or not enough coolant in your cooling system can be a bad situation.
If your GMC is driving with a too high operating temperature for too long, you stand a good chance of blowing your head gasket. This type of repair is normally best suited for certified professional mechanics. There are many signs of a failing head gasket, including white smoke coming from your exhaust, coolant loss without any obvious leaks, coolant mixed in the oil, or coolant leaking beneath your exhaust manifold. Performing a leak down test and a coolant pressure test is one sure way to identify if your head gasket has failed.
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