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About Oldsmobile 88

Oldsmobile 88, also known as the Eighty Eight, is a full-size vehicle manufactured by General Motors' brand Oldsmobile from 1949 to 1999. The first Oldsmobile 88 was introduced in 1949 to replace the Oldsmobile 78 as a 2-door Holiday hardtop, 2-door coupe, 4-door sedan and 4-door station wagon. As a widely known first muscle car, Oldsmobile 88 won the 1950 Carrera Panamericana. Until 1999, it had been produced through ten generations.
A redesigned Oldsmobile 88 introduced for 1992 model year marked the beginning of the tenth generation (1992-1999). As the last generation Eighty Eight, it was available in Eighty Eight, Eighty Eight LS, Eighty Eight LSS (three models were renamed from Eighty Eight Royale), and Eighty Eight Regency. Oldsmobile 88 was powered by several engines including 3.8 L L27 V6 engine, 3.8 L L36 V6 engine, 3.8 L L67 Series I V6 supercharged engine and 3.8 L L67 Series II V6 supercharged engine. And these engines were fitted along with a 4-speed 4T60-E automatic transmission, a 4-speed 4T60-E HD automatic transmission and a 4-speed 4T65-E automatic transmission.

Oldsmobile 88 Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

There are always something cannot withstand the nature, Oldsmobile 88 is one of them. The auto parts on it are subject to wear and tear, in order to slow your Oldsmobile 88's wearing process, you should know about some common problems happened to it and how to solve them:
First, blown engine. As engine is the power source of a vehicle, so you should notice its health carefully. According to Oldsmobile 88 owners, engine would not only blow but also suffer from performance issues such as lose power when accelerating or lose fuel efficiency. What's more, squealing noises, poor or high idle as well as illuminated Check Engine Light would also appear. If your Oldsmobile 88 also fails to start, you should get the Eighty Eight fuel pump, speedometer cable and throttle body checked.
Second, minor issues on braking, cooling, suspension and transmission system. On Oldsmobile 88, braking failure is often caused by bad brake booster or brake backing plate. As for cooling system, broken fan shroud is often the culprit. As suspension problem shows as vehicle tilting to one side, bouncing or bottom out, sluggish response in vehicle handling, so both coil springs and sway bar bush should get inspection. And if your Oldsmobile 88 could not be turned off or start in another gear or not going gear at all, then you have to make sure if shift cable in transmission system is broken.
Apart from above mentioned auto parts, some other auto parts may get ignored need more attention for your Oldsmobile 88's sake. For example, in order to let your windshield wiper or wiper blade clean off the debris on the windscreen, you need to make sure washer reservoir, wiper motor and wiper pivot are in order. And for your property safety, you need also make sure your Oldsmobile 88's door lock is working well.
And in order to let your Oldsmobile 88 enjoy a longer lifespan, you need give the best to it. When faced with choosing brand new Oldsmobile 88 auto parts replacement, please go for OEM Oldsmobile 88 auto parts. Because other than price, they have greater assurance in quality, durability and reliability compared to cheap aftermarket parts. However, we offer all genuine Oldsmobile 88 auto parts with manufacturer's warranty at the lowest prices, so you will know how to decide.