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About Oldsmobile 98

Oldsmobile 98 (Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight after 1958) is a full-size luxury vehicle manufactured by General Motors' brand Oldsmobile from 1940 to 1996. The first Oldsmobile 98 was introduced in 1941. Its name indicated that it was a Series 90 fitted with an 8-cylinder engine. As Oldsmobile's top-of-the-line model, Oldsmobile 98 had been produced through twelve generations.
The eleventh generation Oldsmobile 98 (1985-1990) was introduced in 1985 as a downsized model equipped with front-wheel drive system. The 1985 Oldsmobile 98 was available as a 4-door sedan and a 2-door coupe, it offered Regency and Regency Brougham trim levels. There were three engine options: a 3.0 L Buick V6 engine, a 3.8 L Buick V6 engine and a 4.3 L Oldsmobile V6 diesel engine. All engines were mated to a 4-speed automatic transmission. Then at Oldsmobile's 50th anniversary in 1991, the redesigned Oldsmobile 98 marked the beginning of the twelfth generation (1991-1996). It then was available in trim levels including Touting, Regency Elite, Regency, Regency Special Edition, Regency Elite Series I and Regency Elite Series II. As a 4-door sedan, Regency Elite Series was powered by a 3.8 L L27 V6 and a 3.8 L L36 V6 gasoline engine as well as a 3.8 L L67 supercharged gasoline engine. And available transmissions were 4-speed automatic transmissions.

Oldsmobile 98 Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Even as a luxury vehicle, Oldsmobile 98 could not withstand the natural wearing process. As accumulation of mileage, some problems would come for it. Based on the car repair statistics site, here are two most reported problems:
First, braking system issues. On Oldsmobile 98, owners complained that brake pedals are difficult to push or the brake pedal don't respond at all, which caused engine to stall or takes longer to stop the car. What's more, the ABS light may come on and brakes would get locked up. Please remember to check the brake booster, brake packing plate and ABS control module if any above signs appear on your Oldsmobile 98.
Second, engine and suspension failure. Oldsmobile 98 drivers described engine failure as vehicle loses power while accelerating, misfiring, backfiring and lower gas efficiency. Sometimes, the Ninety-Eight even got stuck in no starting condition. Normally, throttle cable, spark plug, fuel pump, ignition coil, throttle body and speedometer cable are the culprits. As for suspension failure, leaf spring bushing, leaf spring insulator and sway bar bush as well as sway bar bracket are what you should pay attention to.
Some transmission parts such as shift cable and some electrical parts including door lock actuator, door lock cylinder, door jamb switch and oxygen sensor also need to get maintained well. While some daily used parts seat belt, door handle and antenna should not get ignored as well.
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