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About Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser

Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser is a large rear-wheel drive luxury station wagon manufactured by General Motors' brand Oldsmobile from 1971 to 1992. The first Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser appeared in 1971 based on the C platform-B. Before the last Custom Cruiser assembled on June 5, 1992, it had been produced through three generations.
The second generation Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser (1977-1990) was introduced in 1977 based on the B platform. It was smaller and lighter than the previous generation. Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser then got power from 7.4 L 185 hp, 225 hp, 250 hp, 210 hp, 275 hp, 190 hp Oldsmobile V8 engines, 6.5 L 190 hp Pontiac V8 engine, 5.7 L 170 hp, 120 hp, 160 hp, 105 hp Oldsmobile V8 and diesel V8 engines, 6.6 L 185 hp, 175 hp Oldsmobile V8 engines and 5 L 150 hp, 140 hp Oldsmobile V8 engines mated to 3-speed and 4-speed Turbo-Hydramatic automatic transmissions. Then the third generation Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser (1991-1992) was introduced as a redesigned model in 1991. Available powertrain for it were 5.0 L 170 hp and 5.7 L 180 hp V8 engines fitted along with a 4-speed 4L60 automatic transmission.

Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

As a luxury vehicle, though equipped with many advanced and high performance auto parts, Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser still cannot avoid being worn by nature. Here are the results when it gets worn out:
First, engine performance suffered. According to Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser owners, as accumulation of mileage, the engine may misfire, stall, consume more fuel than before and activate the Check Engine Light. Sometimes, it even put the vehicle into a no start condition. Once similar symptoms appear on your Custom Cruiser, you can try checking if the spark plug, oxygen sensor, timing chain are broken.
Second, transmission failure. Transmission failure on Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser shows as the indicator never displays the accurate gears. And sometimes, the vehicle could not be turned off. If your Custom Cruiser would start in another gear or not go onto any gear at all, you can start to check the shift cable and bellhousing.
And some other less impressive auto parts also need your meticulous maintenance and extra attention. Seat belt is designed for protecting occupants against the impact from sudden movement, and it should get replaced every time after accidents to make sure next proper operation. And wiper blade or windshield wiper is responsible for sweeping off the debris on windscreen so that drivers' vision won't get blocked while driving. They are very important for your driving safety, please do not leaf them out when practicing maintenance.
If you are looking for some reliable and affordable OEM Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser auto parts, then you should select one from our comprehensive catalog of lowest-priced genuine Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser auto parts. As all OEM Custom Cruiser are backed by the manufacturer's warranty, so you have no need to worry about quality, reliability and durability. Please shop with confidence and start your visiting!
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