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About Oldsmobile Delta 88

Oldsmobile Delta 88 is a full-size car manufactured by General Motors' brand Oldsmobile from 1965 to 1991. The first Oldsmobile Delta 88 was introduced in 1965 as a separate series from an upscale trim level of the Dynamic 88, the Dynamic 88 Delta. Actually, it belongs to sixth generation of Oldsmobile 88 and itself had been produced through four generations.
In 1977, Oldsmobile introduced the third generation Oldsmobile Delta 88 (1977-1985) with a downsized B-body. There were trim levels including base Delta 88, Royale, Holiday 88, Royale Brougham, and Royale Brougham LS available for Oldsmobile Delta 88. As a 2-door coupe and a 4-door sedan, Oldsmobile Delta 88 was powered by engines ranging from 3.8 L Buick 231 V6 to 6.6 L Olds 403 V8 engines mated to a 3-speed and a 4-speed automatic transmission. Then, the fourth generation Oldsmobile Delta 88 (1986-1991) switched to front-wheel drive H-body in 1986. As the Delta name was dropped, thus trim levels became standard Eighty Eight, the Eighty Eight Royale, and the Eighty Eight Royale Brougham. Then it only had two engine options: a 3.8 L Buick LG3 V6 and a 3.8 L Buick 3800 LN3 V6. The only available transmission is the 4-speed automatic transmission.

Oldsmobile Delta 88 Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Even Oldsmobile Delta 88 has a twenty-six year history, which is very long, some defections on design still expose as time passes by. FYI, according to Oldsmobile Delta 88 owners, these problems would happen to it:
First, no spark, engine cars off while driving. This problem is really serious and could be dangerous as well. Oldsmobile Delta 88 drivers said that the engine was cut off while the car is in motion. Sometimes the car would start right away; sometimes not. Actually, based on their words, we can assume some auto parts such as spark plug, oil filter, timing chain, timing cover gasket may be broken. So you can try checking these parts on your Delta 88 for precaution.
Second, cooling system went wrong. As first Oldsmobile Delta 88 would be fifty-one years old now, and the last twenty-five, it is not strange that the cooling system does not work as usual. Common symptoms included car overheats, fuses blow and fans do not come on. If your Delta 88 is overheating, which has already impact your vehicle's performance, you better get fan shroud, cooling hose, radiator hose or coolant temperature sensor checked.
And in order to ensure your Oldsmobile Delta 88 has a longer life expectancy, you need to keep every auto parts in order. In Oldsmobile Delta 88, door handle though used only for entering or exiting from the vehicle, it is easier to go wrong, you need pay more attention to it. Windshield wiper or wiper blade, which is responsible for sweeping off debris on windscreen, often breaks easily as well. Please maintain them regularly.
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