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Buick Century, used by Buick for its mid-size cars in the years 1936-1942, 1954-1958, and 1973-2005. The 60 series became the Century. The car of 1936-1942 was based on a special body with a shorter wheelbase and a larger displacement than the straight-eight engine. It was offered in four different two-door versions, including a convertible and a four-door saloon. The Super Series of 1940 combined the Road Master's longer body with the Special's smaller engine. The Buick Century parts combined the smaller and lighter body of the Special with a larger and more powerful V8. The four-door vehicle was introduced in mid-1955 that was the first four-door fixed-roof model ever produced. In 1955, the California Highway Patrol ordered a large number of two-door sedans that were not available to the public. It combined the body of a two-door Special sedan with the motor and interior. The name was re-launched in 1973 with the mid-size rear-wheel-drive Type A chassis. The car was equipped with a Grand Sport version that included upgraded suspension, additional instrumentation, and a unique exterior design. The dual exhaust system increased the power of the four-stroke engine. In 1982, the fifth generation was introduced, this time on the A-frame. It was presented as a coupé with front-wheel drive. In 1984, a station wagon was introduced to replace the discontinued regal family model. All versions received a new, more angular front end. The basic Buick Century parts of this generation were a four-cylinder petrol motor and a V6. In the mid-1980s, high-performance versions of several models, including the Century Coupe, were offered under the T-Type name that equipped a 110 hp V6 that did not provide much power for the Century T-Type, but the 3.8 SFI engine with 140-150 hp offered dynamic performance for this relatively light car.

Despite its longevity and popularity, the Buick Century is not exempt from wear and tear over time, often revealing issues after reaching a certain mileage. The most common problem pertains to the braking system, where the ABS system designed to prevent wheel lock during heavy braking starts malfunctioning. Owners have reported an unresponsive brake pedal requiring extra effort to engage, often accompanied by the ABS light. If such issues arise, checking the ABS control module is advised. The second common issue involves the suspension system, marked by dim, flickering gauges with erratic readings. Accompanied by unusual squealing noises from the dashboard and the Check Engine Light, these symptoms suggest the need to inspect the instrument cluster and speedometer for potential problems. In modern cars like the Buick Century, many components are electronic for convenience and efficiency. The door lock actuator, responsible for locking and unlocking power locks, is one such component. However, repeated use can lead to wear and tear, and hence, regular maintenance is vital to extend the vehicle's life expectancy.

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Buick Century Parts Questions & Answers

  • Q: How to replace the thermostat in a cylinder head for Buick Century and Regal?
    A: Remove any gasket or sealer with the thermostat from the cylinder head. Unbolt the water neck by draining the coolant system below the thermostat level when trying to replace it. The next step is to remove the water neck and thereby expose the thermostat. Thereafter, clean off all traces of remnants from both manifold and residual gasket material or sealer on water necks that mate. Installing it with its wax pellet downwards is a good idea. Besides, apply some sealant on both sides of the gasket then put it on block. Finally, hold it down using retainer bolts.
  • Q: How to remove and install the Ignition Control Module on Buick Century and Regal?
    A: Take off the distributor cap and rotor. Undo the screws and Ignition Control Module. To install, coat the new Ignition Control Module with the lubricant. Install the Ignition Control Module, and retain it in place. Finally, connect the harness to the Ignition Control Module and install the distributor cap and the rotor.
  • Q: How to Remove and Install a Headlight Switch on Buick Century and Regal?
    A: Disconnect the negative battery cable and on 1975-79 models with air conditioning, remove the left A/C duct or tube. Pull the switch knob to the last notch and depress the spring loaded latch button on top of the switch while pulling the knob and rod out of the switch. On 1978 and later models, depress the retainer tab behind the knob and remove the knob. Remove the left I/P trim plate by grasping plate and careful pull straight out. Remove the screws securing the headlight switch in place. Disconnect the multiple electrical harness from the switch, and remove. For 1984-87 models, remove left hand I/P trim cover by grasping the trim cover on both sides and pull straight out. Remove the three 7mm retainer screws and pull the switch straight out. To install, push the switch straight in being careful not to damage prongs on new switch, tighten screws, connect battery cable and check operation.