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About Chevrolet Express

Chevrolet Express is a full-size van manufactured by General Motors since 1996. It along with its counterpart GMC Savana was produced to replace the GMC Vandura and Chevrolet Van in 1996 and they occupied a big share in American market. The Chevrolet Express mainly has been produced for 20 years and it has been through basically two generations.
The first generation Chevrolet Express (1996-2002) was launched in 1996 as a 3-door van and 4-door van. It offered several variants include Chevrolet Express Cargo acting as a work vehicle used by electricians, plumbers or others needs hauling; Chevrolet Express Passengers acting as a 8 to 15-seated passenger van such as tow truck, ambulance, shuttle bus or school bus and the 1987 shown Chevrolet Express Concept car. The first generation Chevrolet Express had engine options ranging from 4.2 L Vortec 4300/L35 V6 engine to 6.5 L Detroit V8 diesel engine with 4-speed automatic transmission. In its second generation (2003-present), this is a facelifted version of the first generation. The variants are still available and engine options added Flex-fuel V8 engine and 6.6 L Duramax turbo-diesel V8 engine with 4-speed automatic transmission and 6-speed 6L90 on Chevrolet Express 2500 and Chevrolet Express 3500.

Chevrolet Express Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Some Chevrolet Express vehicle owners have listed some problems they have met while driving especially when the vehicle has a lot of mileage, more problems will pop out. According to them, there are two problems mentioned most:
First, engine problems. This problem has these symptoms, when the drivers start the Chevrolet Express, it will start first and then die randomly or engine misfires then it becomes hard to start over, at the same time, the vehicle has a poor fuel economy and slow acceleration. In fact, if you have met these symptoms, it means you should get new rocker shaft spring kit, new spark plug or new fuel pump.
Second, differential failure. The main symptom of the bad differential is noise. If you hear whining, howling, clunking and bearing noises or feel vibration and see oil leaking from the differential seal, then the differential needs to be replaced.
The door handles are responsible for opening and closing the doors from the inside or outside of the vehicle so the occupants can exit or enter the vehicle. If you have a loose door handle, or door cannot open or shut or has trouble staying shut, then you need have a new door handle. If you have encountered a collision or accident and the pretensioner has been activated or your seat belt are frayed or do not operate properly, you need replace it all the same. These parts are easy to wear and easy to get ignored, you need pay attention to in case it is too late.
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