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About Chevrolet S10

Chevrolet S10 is a compact pickup truck manufactured by General Motors since 1982. It is also the first compact pickup truck made by the Big Three automobile manufacturers. The Chevrolet S10 debuted in 1982. It now has been through three generations. As an important model of Chevrolet S-Series, Chevrolet S10 has been making profits for General Motors.
The first generation Chevrolet S10 (1982-1993) offered 2-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive Blazer and Pickup submodels. It had lots of engine options ranging from 1.9 L LR1 inline 4-cylinder gasoline engine to 4.3 L LB9 V6 gasoline engine with lots of transmissions ranging from 3-speed THM-200C automatic transmission to 5-speed Borg Warner T5 manual transmission. Then in Chevrolet S10's second generation (1994-2004), it offered high-performance version Chevrolet S10 SS, Chevrolet S10 ZR2 and an electrical version Chevrolet S10 introduced in 1997. It had less engine options only the base 2.2 L 4-cylinder engine with 5-speed NV1500 manual transmission and 4.3 L V6 engine for high-performance Chevrolet S10 with 5-speed NV3500 manual transmission. The Chevrolet S10 ended production in North America in 2004, though the third generation Chevrolet S10 (2012-present) powered by 2.4 L Flexpower flex-fuel engine or 2.8 L Duramax diesel engine is still in production in Brazil.

Chevrolet S10 Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

As a pickup truck, Chevrolet S10 is often used for hauling or transporting, which may result in some problems in it due to heavy burden or long-time operating, and some Chevrolet S10 vehicle owners provided some common problems they have met:
First, audible strange sound. Chevrolet S10 vehicle owners stated that they can hear ticking when they are driving, clanking from the cylinder head or front, and found that it became hard to handle with dirty oil or increased oil consumption. The reason of these symptoms may be the broken rocker arm or steering knuckle. Once you noticed the same symptoms, you should get your Chevrolet S10 checked and replace broken parts as early as possible.
Second, transmission failure. They met this problem showing as high and reverse gears gone or when they accelerate, the Chevrolet S10 responses slowly, the cruise control work not well too. Then it must be the throttle cable that goes wrong. Once it went bad, it will cause improper cable adjustment, slow acceleration response, a dirty or frayed cable and cruise control not working properly. The safest way is to get your Chevrolet S10 checked to confirm the reason.
In addition, in order to keep your driving experience being safe, you should also keep every auto parts in your Chevrolet S10 at the topnotch condition, as some parts are easy to wear with time under different driving conditions. You should perform routine maintenance regularly to check if the seat belt can protect you or your passengers under dangerous condition or if the power window switch work properly.
If you need to replace broken auto parts in your Chevrolet S10, please come to here. We offer a broad range of OEM Chevrolet S10 in better quality than aftermarket parts. What's more, lowest price and quickest delivery are also available for genuine Chevrolet S10 parts.
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