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About Chevrolet C1500

Chevrolet C1500 is a full-size pickup truck manufactured by General Motors from 1988 to 1999. It used to be a member of the famous long-running Chevrolet C/K line. The first Chevrolet C1500 was a two-wheel drive pickup truck introduced in 1988. It was powered by several kinds of engines ranging from 4.1 L inline 6-cylinder engine, 4.3 L V6 engine to 6.5 L turbo diesel V8 engine with 3-speed, 4-speed automatic transmission, 4-speed and 5-speed manual transmission.

Chevrolet C1500 Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Though the Chevrolet C1500 belongs to the famous long-running Chevrolet C/K line, after longtime working as hauling heavy items, transporting goods under different road conditions or loading heavy goods for long distance, some problems in it popped out. According to the Chevrolet C1500 truck owners, we have concluded the following problems:
First, suspension system problem. Truck owners stated that the Chevrolet C1500 would bottom out while negotiating obstacles in the road and they can hear excessive road noise coming from the front or rear end of the Chevrolet C1500 or creaking or cracking noise coming from the front end when they steered or went over speed bumps. What's more, grinding noises can be heard while turning and obvious damage can be found on front tires, brakes and front suspension parts including tie rods and struts. If you also notice these symptoms, then you should replace your broken leaf spring insulator.
Second, electrical system problem. This problem is not rare in most other cars no exception for Chevrolet C1500. In general, symptoms included dim or flickering gauges, inaccurate or erratic readings from the voltage regulator. Apart from the above symptoms, symptoms like speedometer needle wavering or not moving, squealing noise behind the dashboard and Check Engine Light coming one are also common. Once above symptoms occur, you had better get some professionals to check the instrument cluster and speedometer for you as if they are broken, they can not only show those signs but also be dangerous for driving and illegal.
Third, air conditioning problem. This problem related with the A/C switch. The A/C pressure switch went bad and the A/C was cut on and off rapidly and unable to cool the cabin, also the A/C compressor cannot be turned on. Or the A/C control switch is failing, then the A/C parts become overheating and A/C compressor cannot be turned on as well, along with some settings are not working.
Headlight is for lighting the front road condition and providing this information to you and other drivers on the road. In order to avoid any dangerous situation, you should keep it work properly all the time. The windshield wiper or wiper blade has the same job in proving clear vision. You may realize the importance of it only in extreme weather, which should not. It also needs the same care as those mechanical parts.
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