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    When it comes to new Cruze OEM parts at the lowest prices, we've been the top choice for decades. Our complete online catalog covers all Chevrolet genuine Cruze parts and accessories. All parts are backed by the manufacturer's warranty and shipped directly from Chevrolet dealers. No matter where you are in the country, your Cruze car parts will arrive fast, cheap, and hassle-free.

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About Chevrolet Cruze

Chevrolet Cruze is a compact car manufactured by General Motors since 2008. It was a Chevrolet YGM1 concept car unveiled at the 1999 Tokyo Motor Show for its debut. It was designed to replace the Daewoo Lacetti and Chevrolet Cobalt. Until today, it has been produced through two generations. And though owning a short history, it has received full five stars from ANCAP, CNCAP and NHTSA for safety test and IIHS rated it as the 2011 Top Safety Pick.
The first generation Chevrolet Cruze (2008-2016) was released in 2008. It offered 4-door sedan, 5-door hatchback and 5-door station wagon powered by many kinds of engines varying from 1.4 L LUJ inline 4-cylinder t/c gasoline engine to 2.0 L VCDi (GM) inline t/c diesel engine with 5-speed manual, 6-speed manual and automatic transmission. The second generation Chinese version Chevrolet Cruze (2014-2016) was unveiled at the 2014 Beijing Auto Show and the International version second generation Chevrolet Cruze (2016-present) was introduced in 2016. There are four trim levels available: L, LS, LT and the Premier. Both versions are 4-door sedan and 5-door hatchback powered by 1.4 L LE2 inline 4-cylinder t/c gasoline engine with 6-speed M32 manual and 6-speed GM 6T35 automatic transmission.

Chevrolet Cruze Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

There are some mechanical problems appeared while using according to the Chevrolet Cruze vehicle owners. Among those problems, below two are the most mentioned:
First, overheating problem. Most Chevrolet Cruze vehicle owners complained about this issue and described that their fuel economy and engine performance became poorer, seeing black smoke coming from the engine, oil dripping from the filter and the Check Engine Light or Engine Oil Light coming on as well as constant overheating. If you have also those situations, you had better check your coolant temperature sensor or oil filter as well as fuel filter.
Second, electrical issues. For example, the Chevrolet Cruze may shake or misfire and when accelerating, it responded very slowly and hesitantly, which means that you have a bad body control module.
Besides above mechanical and interior auto parts going wrong, some exterior but neglected parts will also wear out. Seat belts used for protect occupants from harm of sudden movement will be bad if its pretensioners were activated. Windshield wiper or wiper blade for sweeping away debris to secure broad and clear vision for drivers will be failed if it is used for repeated times. You should take same attention to them as well.
Though aftermarket auto parts may be cheaper compared to OEM parts, while Chevrolet Cruze genuine parts we offer are at the lowest price in the market. And the Chevrolet Cruze OEM parts have a greater assurance of quality and come with a warranty compared to aftermarket parts. In the long run, you will realize that in fact, you have saved a lot of time and money on Chevrolet Cruze OEM parts.