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About Chevrolet Cruze

The Chevrolet Cruze is a compact car. It was produced by General Motors in 2008. It was designated as a globally developed four-door compact sedan. Thereafter, the company generated a five-door hatchback body variant in 2011, and a station wagon was launched in 2012. Currently, the sedan is in its second generation. There are two types of engines available for these models--the gasoline engine and the diesel engine. For the first generation, the Cruze is powered by the 1.6-liter Family 1 inline-four, a 1.8-liter, or a 2.0-liter VM Motori RA 420 SOHC turbocharged common rail diesel versions. When the Cruze was launched in the United States in 2010, a new 1.4-liter Family 0 turbocharged gasoline engine was introduced. For those models, these base engines produced 103 kW (138 hp) and 201 N·m (148 lb-ft) of torque. For the second generation, the 1.4 L LE2 I4 turbo gasoline, 1.5 L SGE I4 gasoline, and 1.6 L MDE I4 turbo-diesel versions are available.

The Chevrolet Cruze is also equipped with respectable transmission devices. For the first generation, the 5-speed manual, 6-speed M32 manual, 6-speed F40 manual, 6-speed GM 6T30 automatic, 6-speed GM 6T40 automatic, and 6-speed Aisin-Warner AF40-6 automatic editions were available. For the second generation, the 6-speed M32 manual, 6-speed GM 6T35 automatic, and 7-speed DCG DCT editions are available for consumers. All three engines are coupled to a five-speed manual. A six-speed automatic transmission featuring Active Select is also available. North American models fitted with the 1.8-liter gasoline engine have also been upgraded to a standard six-speed manual.

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The Chevrolet Cruze is a popular compact with rich features. For chassis and dimensions, the first generation of the Chevy sedan was 4,597 mm (181.0 in) in length, 1,788–1,797 mm (70.4–70.7 in) in width, and 1,477 mm (58.1 in) in height. The hatchback version was 4,510 mm (177.6 in) in length, while the wagon version was 4,681 mm (184.3 in) in length. The sedan was 1,366–1,576 kg (3,011–3,475 lb) in total. For the second generation, the Chevy sedan is 4,567 mm (179.8 in) in length, 1,786 mm (70.3 in) in width, and 1,455 mm (57.3 in) in height. The sedan weighs 1,195–1,300 kg (2,634.5–2,866.0 lb) in total. For the braking system, the Chevy sedan has a nice, firm brake pedal feel, and the brakes apply quickly. They are responsive. It needs only 110 feet to come to a stop from 60 mph, a very short distance for a compact sedan.

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