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About Chevrolet Nova

Chevrolet Nova, also known as Chevrolet Chevy II, was a compact and subcompact vehicle manufactured by the American automobile manufacturer General Motors' Chevrolet division from 1961 to 1979 and New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc. (NUMMI), which was an automobile manufacturing company jointly owned by General Motors and Toyota from 1985 to 1988. Previously as the top model in the Chevy II lineup, Nova became an independent nameplate in 1969. After being producing through five generations and receiving recognition and awards such as Car Life Magazine's Award for Engineering Excellence, Nova was eventually replaced by the Chevrolet Citation as a compact vehicle and Geo Prizm as a subcompact model.
The fourth-generation Chevrolet Nova (1975-1979) was available in 2-door, 4-door sedan and 3-door hatchback. Weighing half a ton, Chevrolet Nova got a LN (Luxury Nova) package. During this generation, it also got several engine options including 2.5 L I4, 3.8 L V6, 4.1 L I6, 4.3 L, 5.0 L and 5.7 L V8 engines and power was sent through 3-speed, 4-speed manual and 3-speed automatic transmissions. The fifth-generation Chevrolet Nova (1985-1988) did not retuned until spring 1984 as a front-wheel drive subcompact vehicle for 1985 model year. As 4-door notchback sedan and 5-door hatchback, Chevrolet Nova was powered by the 1.6 L I4 gasoline engines and engines sent power through 5-speed manual, 3-speed and 4-speed automatic transmissions.

Chevrolet Nova Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

As a well-matched adversary to Volkswagen Beetle, Chevrolet Nova undertakes the mission of fighting for market share. But after all, it now is more than twenty years old, then these common problems will appear on your Nova:
First, running hot. According to car repair statistics site, this actually is an engine issue and ranks first among all other problems with Chevrolet Nova. When the vehicle reached at about 35,000 miles, this issue may arise. And you could attribute to failures in engine parts and cooling system that cause this problem. Lucky for you is that you could diagnose this issue in advance based on some signs. If your Chevrolet Nova consumes more oil than before, overheats frequently, suffers from starting issue and becomes hesitant while driving, you could try checking if the Nova spark plug, cylinder head gasket, coolant reservoir, oil filter, air filter, intake manifold gasket and radiator hose are working properly.
Second, car won't shut off due to key can't not be taken out. Ranking second among all other issues on Chevrolet Nova on, it often appears when the vehicle arrived at about 100,000 miles. Some kind Chevrolet Nova drivers pointed out that it is the failing transmission that causes the problem. Other symptoms of this failure include indicator showing inaccurate gears, vehicle starting in another gear or refusing to go into any gear. But some also complained about the loud clunking sounds from beneath the vehicle, difficulty in shifting gears and transmission slippage. Thus, beside the Nova shift cable, you also need to inspect the transfer case seal, automatic transmission filter, clutch disc and transmission pan.
In order to sustain your Chevrolet Nova for a longer time compared to regular vehicles, routine maintenance on some vulnerable auto parts in it is essential. You should be aware of the fact that some auto parts could not last as long as the Nova could due to their components and working conditions. For example, windshield wiper or wiper blade is usually made of soft rubber, a kind of material could withstand natural beat for years but not forever, and it always works under harsh conditions to provide excellent driving visibility. Replacing it every six to twelve months is smart enough.
Another smart move for Chevrolet Nova owners would be choosing OEM Chevrolet Nova auto parts for parts replacements without hesitation. You have no need to worry about price, quality, reliability and durability of them as carries a complete catalog of lowest-priced genuine Chevrolet Nova auto parts backed by the manufacturer's warranty. You could shop with full confidence as all these OEM Nova parts could fit your vehicle perfectly and bring it back to factory performance to the fullest extent. Hassle-free return policy and quickest delivery service will also offer guarantee for your most satisfying shopping experience!